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Short-term and Business Visas. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS) Visa to Replace Current 457 Visa.

Temporary Visas - Australia

Mate Migration helps your company seamlessly navigate through the visa process. Greg Veal, who would handle your case, is Ex-Government and MARA registered.  He has significant experience in handling business cases and has worked with individuals, SME’s and Corporates for successful outcomes on their visa applications. He also consults to other visa companies as he is an expert in this field.  For New Zealand Business Visas click here.


Sponsoring an Employee into Australia.


The 457 visa will be abolished in March 2018 with significant changes from April 18th 2017 and replaced by the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa . Click here to read key changes.  The overall process remains as below.


If you have an Australian employer willing to sponsor you permanently to Australia then Mate Migration can also help with the application, whether this is with the Nomination (employers part of the application) or the Application itself (Employee part) or both. Again, just contact us and we can discuss your requirements


In order to sponsor an employee into Australia you will need to be willing to act as the sponsor for the employee.


You will be able to sponsor an employee for over 3 months to a maximum of 4 years.


The employee will only be able to work for the organisation they are sponsored by.


The Visa has three stages.


1. The Company that is sponsoring the employee will need to apply to be a Sponsor through the Australian Government.


2. The company, after being approved as a sponsor, will then need to ‘Nominate’ the employee that they wish to sponsor.


3. The employee makes the application.


The first stage will be the longest, depending on the office that is processing the application. The Nomination can also be put in with the application for sponsorship.


The Employees application stage can take several months. Timings are subject to change by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and new TSS changes, whilst in effect immediately, will only be completed in March 2018.


Mate Migration has significant experience with business visas across a wide range of industries and challenges. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


If you are planning to get large numbers of staff into Australia then you may wish to do this under a Labour Agreement. Click here for an overview of Mate Migrations services.


Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements your company may have or call 0845 680 4817.


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