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Spouse Visas - Australia

Mate Migration can help you with all aspects of the Spouse, De-facto Spouse and Fiancé Visa process. Greg Veal, who would personally handle your case, has worked in the Department of Immigration and Private sector and has over 15 years experience of Migration. He is also MARA Registered. Mate Migration can make the process of taking your partner back to Australia or New Zealand as simple as possible.  


Australia Spouse Visa Class


The Spouse visa is for people in a long term relationship, who are looking to take their partners back to Australia with them. There are two types of visa; there is the ‘Temporary’ or the ‘Permanent’ Spouse Visa. Please note that processing times are Government driven and subject to change, contact us for current timings.


Temporary Visas:  


·    The Temporary Visa (309/100) is the most common and is for people who have been in a relationship for longer than 12 months and able to take their partners back to the Australia. If the application is successful they are then able to go to Australia as a temporary resident for a period of two years. After two years they are then able to apply for the permanent version of the Spouse Visa.


·      If you have been in a relationship for more than one year and are not married then you can apply for a de-facto spouse visa. You would need to have been living together for more than one year under the requirements for this visa. If you are in a same sex relationship and have been living together for more than one year then you could apply for a visa on this basis.


·      The Fiancé visa (300) is for people wishing to go to Australia to marry they will need to do this within 9 months of their arrival in Australia.


Under this Visa class your Partner will have full work rights, can start their own business if they wish to, be able to claim ‘Medicare’ (the Australian version of the NHS) and also depending on whether the visa is permanent or not be able to claim Social Security assistance.


Permanent Visas: (100)


·    The Permanent version of this visa is for citizens or permanent residents to take back their spouses on a permanent basis. To be eligible for this visa you will need to have been in a relationship for 3 years or have been together for 2 years with a child from that relationship.




‘’Mate Migration offers the best service around.  Greg (Gregory Veal) and the team always responded to every call, text, email, in a very timely and professional manner.  I always felt safe knowing that they were working on ensuring that everything was correct and that I was on track to receive my visa....’’Liam C. Spouse Visa Australia. ‘


Mate Migration Ltd can help you prepare the evidence you will need to apply for this visa type for you and your family.   

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To see if you are eligible for a visa for Australia, contact us for a free initial visa assessment. Mate Migration can help you with your Australia emigration and visa application.